About Us

Rugby is a tough and demanding sport. It takes plenty of stored energy in every cell of your muscles to play and win. I used to play the sport until I was 17. Those were the days when we played only for fun and entertainment. I really didn’t matter whether we won or lost. The same sporting spirit continued to dominate our matches, until I joined the professional Rugby club in my hometown.

Things began to change dramatically. I could no longer see those friendly smiling faces on the field. Every player seemed to be lost in his own world. There seemed to be a big barrier between our team and the opponents. That was the time when started realizing the real world of Rugby at the professional level. In my blog, I will be sharing about all my experiences in the rugby club and the matches I played.

What does it take to be Rugby Player

You need tons of energy to play the rugby game. Intelligence and foresight are the other two critical factors, which can make you a great player or a lousy loser. The ball moves at such a great speed that it could be tough to spot it, leave alone scoring. In my blog, I will write about my greatest and the lousiest experiences I have I had on field.

My coach always insisted on consistency and continuity. He never showed any mercy on those who indulged in self pity, especially after losing. He motivated us to keep playing, training, and improving.

“I am the one to worry about winning and losing. Your job is to play at your best efficiency. Focus on it and forget the rest” That was the way he spoke before and after every match.

In my blog, I will be writing about how the interaction between the players and coaches can dramatically transform the players’ performance levels. I will also tell you about some of the simplest tricks you can learn to keep going.

Rugby Player Food

As I said before, rugby is hard sport. Your body and brain need plenty of energy to play. So, your first priority is the diet plan. Your program starts from the breakfast and ends at the supper plan.

Keep your breakfast light and full of proteins. Don’t worry about fat and cholesterol. You can eat a good volume of them without getting obese. It is because your body will burn most of them during training and the matches. In my blog, I will be sharing some of the hidden secrets of eating fat and meat to shed weight and balance the energy levels.

I suggest you to balance the proteins, vitamins, and other micronutrients consumption between short meals. That means your food is not restricted to a breakfast, lunch and supper. You can eat once in every three or four hours during the day and evening. In my blog, I will share my experience and the expert’s advices about balancing the food and beverages plans.